My heart is extremely heavy and saddened as my dear friend,... 

My heart is extremely heavy and saddened as my dear friend, Heather, made her transition from this world to heaven last night. She was a huge inspiration to so many and her existence made the world brighter. She was a teacher to her friends and taught me to be more real, more passionate and live life to the fullest . Every time I saw her it was fireworks, she spread light and love to all. So young, so beautiful and too early to go. I hate f*ckin cancer. We need to find a cure. I miss you so much Heather. 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 #heaven #angel #missyou #loveyou #ihatecancer #friends #eternallove

Finally the album is done and is being pressed right now!!! Whew! What a very long and intense 1.9... 

Finally the album is done and is being pressed right now!!! Whew! What a very long and intense 1.9 years of making it!!!! Although this might look like a typical playlist of songs - when I look at it - it means something different… . 
It’s this to me: my Mom having cancer, then being cancer free then having cancer again…then my Mom dying in my arms….my mentor Phil Ramone encouraging me to write at the piano after my Mom passing away……Phil dying….me spending difficult days and nights at the piano…. Writing, writing, writing… crying… having hope, getting stronger, then being weak, then being angry, then being loving, then stopping… then figuring out what do with the songs… then reaching out to people thru Kickstarter with my story…having amazing people support me in making this album, gaining strength and hope… working with one of my fav producers, David Kershenbaum to start working on the album…..being in the studio and recording…..then more people joining me…..recording, recording… ..people who created any drama being kicked out…. people who are humble being brought in….. being strong to put it all together, the right musicians, producers, keeping a strong mind-set….. then going into the studio and opening my heart to sing the songs, reliving the pain of how i felt when i wrote the songs. . and being vulnerable…. staying up unable to sleep many nights, thinking about which songs to place on the album….. keeping faith, meditating…..putting a pause on my social life with friends & family…..being in the studio on holidays while everyone else is relaxing…… This represents 1.9 years of constant work and obsession to make this album the best it can be. TEN solid songs.
Some people might say I’m crazy to have spent so much time creating this… especially when singers signed to labels pump out cookie cutter plastic singles, as that’s the trend now….. but I SIGNED UP to do music for spiritual reasons….
Writing this album helped me to turn my darkest moments into something beautiful … . and I hope once people hear it they will will be inspired..….it’s the best work i’ve done to date and couldn’t have done it without the amazing creative team who worked endlessly with their hearts and souls (David Kershenbaum, Jeremy Dawson, Bruce Witkin, Charlie Wilson, Forrest Robinson, Denosh Bennett, James Krause, Jesse Nivens)….. Music has a power that is undefined and it’s worth all the hours and sweat to tap into that power and give it back to others….and lastly…. what I learned after spending 1.9 years obsessing on this project….. and it’s not ‘who you know’ but ‘WHO YOU ARE' that really matters. . . xoxo

It’s been a long time since I posted on TUMBLR. Excited to... 

It’s been a long time since I posted on TUMBLR. Excited to announce that we made the Kickstarter goal and I have been in the studio with David Kershenbaum. He produced Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car amongst many other amazing hit songs! It’s been a blast and the new album is coming to Kickstarter Backers in 2014!

Working on my new album with Grammy award winning music producer David Kershenbaum! 

Believe in your dreams because they can happen!!  One of my dreams is happening right now as I am in the studio working with Grammy award winning music producer David Kershenbaum who produced my favorite song: "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. David Kershenbaum and I have been in the studio working on the first 3 singles from my upcoming 2014 album. It's been amazing. When I met David I thanked him for producing Tracy Chapman's first album as it's been very healing to me.  His response was that we'll make my new album healing for others as well and that's exactly what we're doing in the studio. It's been MAGICAL and can't wait till you hear it! To pre-order, please go here:  

David and I in the studio -